SAT Penang reaches out wherever possible by giving talks and seminars. These sessions are a great source of info and insights if SAT is on the horizon for you.

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Folks who are already on the SAT trail can learn to boost their scores. SAT Penang runs workshops and courses for that very purpose from time to time.

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For those needing closer guidance, SAT Penang provides the necessary individual counselling and mentorship. No one will be left behind.

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The way of SAT Penang

If you are US bound for college or university, the SAT will feature somewhere along the way. That can be a tricky affair for foreign students, not least those from Penang. We learned that first hand, and with quite some degree of anguish and exasperation too. That's also what set the stage for our quest at SAT Penang. Yes, we believe that Penang students can compete anywhere, the US included. They should be given every chance.

Given the overall benefits of a US university program, in particular the unparalleled internship and career opportunities, the SAT is but a small criterion to fulfil. It's a shame that people tend to leave the SAT way too late, ending up grossly under-prepared for what really is a key step in the application process to US colleges and universities. Penang SAT takers are no exceptions; college applicants are invariably far from ready when sitting for what is essentially a readiness test for college.

Assuming par on other criteria, the SAT score could make or break an application. Sadly, there's a great deal of misconceptions and myths surrounding the test. For example, some believe that the SAT is not required for graduates from US high schools. Others think that the SAT is too tough. The truth is SAT is required for US college admission, especially the brand-names and with a proper approach, the test is really very manageable.

SAT Penang is on a mission – to raise awareness and provide information about SAT here in Penang, Malaysia. If you have SAT on your mind, we would be most delighted to talk to you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Testimonials and Bouquets

SAT Penang testimonials

Ruwaida B

How can one be so passionate about SAT? This is what I ask myself after every lesson."

- Uplands International School, Penang, Malaysia

SAT Penang testimonials

Becky Kong

120-point improvement made easy within 8 lessons. Every session worked like a charm – patience, devotion and wonderful insights. Thanks, Kay Ee.

- Dalat International School, Penang

Ali J

Incredible pointers and insights. Wish I had found you earlier.

- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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