Collateral Benefits of SAT

37701791There’s more to SAT than an entry pass. Come to think of it, it’s the collateral benefits of the test that will help more over the long haul than just getting into college. The hard truth is that your SAT achievement will instantly cease to matter anymore once you get through that front door but the skill-sets, good practices and discipline instilled by the preparation for the test will remain relevant for a long time to come. For instance:


All SAT gurus recognize that vocabulary is vital in SAT Reading and the SATAngel is no exception. In fact, I routinely advocate a specific way of enhancing our command in that to all my understudies: When reading on the Net, which virtually all of us do predominantly nowadays, open a standby online dictionary tab. You can then copy-&-paste all your vocabulary encounters into it most conveniently. No more cumbersome dictionaries in fine print as in days of old so no more excuse! And this will serve you well into your post-SAT years.


Although SAT essay writing is more about word composition than handwriting, its introduction (handwritten with 2B pencils) couldn’t have come at a better time. The erosion in handwriting among youngsters these days is utterly alarming, no thanks to the computer keyboard/printer. It may well be a case of serendipity but where else can we find a better way to discipline our pampered lot to learn to write legibly and neatly than in their college admission tests?


We all know that mental math is power math, and it’s cool. That though, is never going to be readily adopted because of the efforts entailed but again, the SAT prep will do the trick. Because time is intrinsically of the essence in SAT Math, any technique that will help to own it will be easy to sell! So in effect, by the time you’re done with your SAT, you’ll be left ‘mentally’ prepared for life, as far as Math is concerned.

The SAT is never a piece-meal.

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