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SAT PenangA fellow diehard of American universities shared his cognizance on the subject with me just the other day. Coming from someone who holds a key office at a college which carries an American University Program, I was naturally at all ears. He opined that US universities are not aggressively promoted in Penang for further studies because there is nothing in them for commercial agents who are known to find handsome commissions in pushing non-US ones for same.

It is hard but it is true – hard truth. American education is never quite as hot with Penang folks as do its UK and Australian counterparts. The good news is that there seems to be of late a growing awareness of the appeal of American university programs especially in urban locations like Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and even Kota Kinabalu. Better
to be late than never.

Actually, the basic supply chain of facilities to US college education in Penang is in place. We have:

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    MACEE (Malaysian American Commission on Education Exchange), an EducationUSA Advising Center supported by the US government

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    INTI International College Penang which offers AUP (American University Program) and various other colleges

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    International high schools like DALAT, Uplands, Tenby, Prince of Wales ……..

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    Private home schooling academies like Beacon Ministries, Pinang Ace ……..

  • Numerous other private and public schools and learning centres

The list is not complete but you get the idea… Of course, there will be individual needs and requirements like finances, SAT, grades and other details to be sorted out but the options are clearly there. It’s just a matter of awareness and understanding the idea of American further studies by the community.

Although The SAT is but a speck on the overall big picture of US universities programs, SAT Penang is no less committed than the other parties in advocating this tertiary pathway. We are founded on the belief that no prospective student should be deterred by undue misgivings about the SAT. Like a good SAT operator, we are constantly out to
disprove any such fallacy.

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