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Counselling and mentoring for SAT are two separate pathways but they can also go hand in hand. Unlike the group set-up of the “Workshops & Courses“, these sessions are tailored on a more private and individual basis. Whether it’s starting out or getting more in-depth with SAT, they are a good listening ear and guiding hand.


The SAT can be overwhelming especially for youngsters at times. That’s where counselling comes in to lend a big helping hand. Among other things, it will help to:

  • clarify matters
  • assess situations
  • sort out issues
  • figuring out problems
  • understand challenges
  • form decisions

Counselling is often an effective measure to jumpstart a stalled SAT journey. It’s also very convenient as it can be done online or through email since it is typically a one-to-one affair.


It has been asked why mentoring may be necessary for something like the SAT. The answer to that lies in counter – why not? Mentoring is a great channel for individual guidance and support in:

  • establishing roadmap
  • setting goals
  • overcoming difficulties
  • close-up tutoring
  • generating progress
  • facilitating development

Mentoring is relationship-based and the resultant bond between the mentor and protégé can go beyond the SAT. That means it can be lifelong.

In general, counselling and mentoring are powerful aids to college aspirants who are engaging something as significant as the SAT. However, they can be a bit of an over-kill for some. There’s an alternative for these folks in “Ask SAT Penang“. The main feature of this online facility is that it’s to-the-point and specific. It’s easy to use and the first step towards that is a simple registration. All SAT fellows are welcome.


SAT Penang reaches out wherever possible by giving talks and seminars. These sessions are a great source of info and insights if SAT is on the horizon for you.

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Folks who are already on the SAT trail can learn to boost their scores. SAT Penang runs workshops and courses for that very purpose from time to time.

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For those needing closer guidance, SAT Penang provides the necessary individual counselling and mentorship. No one will be left behind.

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