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Penang SAT Test Centre

Here we go again, powering down the stretch to yet another SAT test. As the moment of truth approaches, it’s now time to review the finer details towards the actual occasion. One that is never off my checklist is the Test Centre. Test centre fiascos may sound amusing when they are about others but it’s a whole different story altogether when we are the subjects of the comedy ourselves.

Although there are two appointed test centres in Penang, SAT’s are conducted at only one of them at any one administration of the test. It is either at Dalat International School in Tanjong Bungah or at KDU Penang on Anson Road, but never both in my experience. Penang SAT takers must thus ascertain which is the one scheduled for their particular sitting. Barring any change, the upcoming May 3rd SAT will be held at Dalat, as is more frequently so between the two venues. It is also the preferred one in my books.
Penang SAT test centre
Dalat International School is an American Kindergarten-through-High School institution located on the island of Penang. It is aptly staffed and established with the required facilities, system, ambience and the works, with an oceanfront campus that offers the most conducive setting for taking the SAT exam to boot. Even parking, which is perennially scarce on the island of Penang, is a ‘sea’ breeze.

Although the infamous Penang traffic is forecast to be tame at test time, (weekend), it never hurts to play it safe. Allocate ample time especially if public transport (bus) is to be the mode of travel. That section of Tanjung Bungah where Dalat sits at is serviced by Routes 101, 102, 103 and 104. Taxis are as dependent on luck as flipping coins so it’s better to have contingency plans in place for that also.

As of this blogging, May 2014 SAT remains set at Dalat but folks should double-check that when printing out their admission tickets to the test centre. If fact, I would continue to do so right up to the eve or even the very morning of the test.

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