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The SAT is no trivial matter. In considering it, getting the facts right is paramount and this is what the SAT Penang talks and seminars are about. The SATPenang volunteers for these occasions with every opportunity. The fundamental objectives of these sessions are direct and straightforward – to share vital information about the SAT and help examinees of the test deal with it in a smart way. They are delivered in a three-pronged approach through comprehensive presentations entitled “Introduction To SAT”, “Engaging The SAT” and “Preparation For SAT”.

“Introduction To SAT”

covers general information pertaining directly to the SAT with complementary topics in conjunction with the SAT itself.

“Engaging The SAT”

formulates a strategic approach based upon certain general tactics & techniques.

“Preparation For SAT”

delves into dedicated tactics & techniques for specific sections of the SAT.

The Q&A’s at the end of each presentation are channels for facilitating communication and discourse. They have proved to be highly effective in galvanizing the overall purpose of the talks and seminars. Attendees are strongly encouraged to participate actively in them.

Then what after that?

With the knowledge gained through the talks and seminars under the belt, SAT contenders would be well-equipped to make informed decisions in planning out their SAT agendas. SAT score is an admission criterion at virtually all US colleges and universities. Applicants should assess their individual SAT adequacy against the enrolment requirements at their desired institutions. This should be done early in order to afford ample preparation especially for those with challenging gaps to close. To this end, the ”Workshops & Courses” conducted by the SAT Penang can go a long way. Remember though, volunteer events such as these talks & seminars and workshops & courses are only subject to opportunities. Folks who would like to be kept in the loop are welcome to register their details, upon which they will also be able to utilize our “Ask the SATPenang” online facility.

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SAT Penang reaches out wherever possible by giving talks and seminars. These sessions are a great source of info and insights if SAT is on the horizon for you.

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Folks who are already on the SAT trail can learn to boost their scores. SAT Penang runs workshops and courses for that very purpose from time to time.

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For those needing closer guidance, SAT Penang provides the necessary individual counselling and mentorship. No one will be left behind.

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