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Workshops and courses are always a good idea for taking the SAT, be it remedial, enhancement or plain inception. There are good reasons for this:

  • Where tests go, the SAT is definitely not one that high school students are typically used to. To do well, examinees must learn how to adapt to it.
  • The SAT is basically a test of critical thinking and logical reasoning skills and like all skill-based tests and assessments, SAT mastery can be coached.
  • Although not solely, SAT scores are a major determinant in the success of the admission process at most US colleges/universities.


So what’s in store at the workshops/courses?

SAT is a special test and should be dealt with in its own special way. It is along this basic principle that the workshops & courses are set. As with the test itself, they are logical and to-the-point and cover:

  • Understanding the SAT
  • Techniques and Tactics
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Basic concepts and revision
  • Practice and drills

Understanding the SAT – The SAT is not a knowledge-based test. It is about how well critical thinking and logical reasoning are applied. In that way, its features and demands will be tricky to the uninitiated. Understanding them thoroughly is a must before anything else.

Dos and don’ts – In SAT, minor slip-ups can result in major penalties. Nothing is worse than dropping low hanging fruits and dos and don’ts oversights are common trouble spots for that. The workshops and courses provide a great environment to cultivate the discipline against such errors.

Techniques and Tactics – Several aspects of the SAT are best tackled by unorthodox techniques and tactics that would have no place in the normal course of study. These measures, which are central at the workshops/courses, give the participants an excellent edge for their SAT tests.

Study and revise – There is little to study for in SAT and it’s easy to be trapped with ineffectual studies. The key is to know precisely what to study and study them well. What’s even more important is to revise, big time!

Practice and drill – Taking the SAT is a skill and for that, there will be no substitute for practice. When time limit is in the picture, drills become a very lively option. Practice makes perfect and drills make perfection second-nature.

For the most part, the workshops and courses should address the needs of those preparing for SAT. Still, there are other avenues. “Counselling & Mentoring” may yet be better suited for some and the “Ask SAT Penang” online facility will always be at hand upon a simple registration.


SAT Penang reaches out wherever possible by giving talks and seminars. These sessions are a great source of info and insights if SAT is on the horizon for you.

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Folks who are already on the SAT trail can learn to boost their scores. SAT Penang runs workshops and courses for that very purpose from time to time.

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For those needing closer guidance, SAT Penang provides the necessary individual counselling and mentorship. No one will be left behind.

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